Craft Along, Painted Stones

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

We thought we would do our part during this tough time by hosting a craft along!

Each week we will post 3 crafty activities to pass your time (suitable for both adults and kids) and made up of materials which you can find in your home!

The first craft is a simple one:

Painted stones


A Rock

Paint (Wall, Acrylic or any you can find!)

Paint brushes

Step 1

Find your rock

Step 1 is finding your perfect rock, go outside and let your imagination run wild! Size doesn't matter can be large or small!

Step 2

Clean and dry

Make sure your rock is squeaky clean, free of any dirt and is completely dry, as this could stop the paint from sticking to it!

Step 3


Think about what you want to paint on your rock. It can be a funky pattern, a rainbow for the Key Workers or a silly monster! Start painting and be creative!

Step 4

Place back in your garden and share a photo of your creative designs online to help inspire your community and to keep spirits uplifted!

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