Craft Along, Vintage Sign

We thought we would do our part during this tough time by hosting a craft along!

Each week we will post 3 crafty activities to pass your time (suitable for both adults and kids) and made up of materials which you can find in your home!

This weeks craft along is something a little different. we needed a new sign for our stall when it is back up and running, so we though we would make it into today's craft:

Vintage signs


Plank of wood

Sand paper

Paint (Wall, Acrylic or any you can find!)

Paint brushes

Varnish (Optional)

Step 1

Find your piece of wood

Find your plank or piece of wood. It can be an old slice of tree trunk you have lying in the garden or part of an old wooden box, let your imagination run wild! Size doesn't matter can be large or small!

Step 2


Sand lightly with some sand paper to remove any roughness or splinters!

Step 3

Clean and dry

Make sure your plank is squeaky clean, free of any dirt and is completely dry, as this could stop the paint from sticking to it!

Step 4


Think about what you want to paint on your piece of wood. It can be a funky pattern or vintage sign style writing! Start painting and be creative! We have just gone with simple writing.

Step 5

Varnish (optional)

If your sign is staying inside skip this step,

if you are placing your sign outside apply, two thin layers of clear varnish in order to make it weather proof.

Step 6

Place in your chosen location and share a photo of your creative designs online to help inspire your community and to keep spirits uplifted!

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